This site is currently under construction! 8)

Please bear with me as I learn how to build a site and host my comic here. Some links may lead to nowhere right now. This page however, will serve as a main page with info + warnings, even once I finish setting up other parts of the site!

"Wolf Teeth" is an extremely personal and self-indulgent, psychological horror/drama comic about unhealthy family dynamics, murder, trauma, and finding the strength to stand up to Your abuser (or rather, lack thereof)

Due to the nature of subject matter and graphic scenes included, this comic is intended STRICTLY for 18+ audiences. In addition, here's a list of potentially triggering content this comic will feature, so that You can make an educated decision whether this is the type of media You want to consume (if it's not for You that's more than fine, but don't say I didn't warn You!)

Animal cruelty/death, gore, torture, cannibalism, graphic depictions of sexual assault and murder, sibling incest, abusive relationships, discussion of suicide, self-harm, and possibly more?

The individual pages will NOT have warnings! But if none of this turned You off, You can START READING here 8)